Connecting the perfect song, band and composer to the brands, supervisor, producer, and director. Connecting those with passion to create.

Why work with Fife Star Media

We fell face first into the world of music and film by way of sheer will, a bit of an accident, and childhood obsessions with the art of creation. Whether you’re looking for the perfect track to accompany your credits, that perfect composer to build your aural universe, or help to spread the good word of your band’s great works, we want to work with you. Working with our power-partner, ServiceHoot, we’ve fine-tuned the process of digital outreach through search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and simple, directive-based social posting. We strive to help the bands we love discover the success they’ve earned with the art they’ve created.

Music use in film isn’t simple. We let artists focus on being artists, filmmakers be filmmakers. It's time to bring creators together to develop the best projects possible. If theirs research to be done, we’re here to help.
More content is being produced today than ever before. It’s time to bring indie artists together to develop the best projects possible.
Tight Budget?
Whether you’re network TV, feature or indie film, digital content, or brands, budget is always the sticking point. You let us know your price. We’ll find the perfect pairing.
Get Organized
Single songs, full soundtracks, quick bumps, or mood music, we can provide the song or artist. Our artists are ready and able to produce music. Music is their passionate career.

 The Philosophy of Fife

We could expand on the essence of music and film but let’s be honest, if history has proven anything it’s that we’re just selling art. The passion of the art is what drives the dollar. With such a massive outpouring of content being produced across an ever-growing number of platforms, we are at potentially visionary time in history. By curating the best songs and artists who remind us why we originally found music and connecting them with producers of all budgets, we can create a new economy of art that allows all those involved to make the money they deserve.