Brian Fife

Founder & Lead Content Strategist

Take one part passionate wordsmith and add a dash of possible obsessive compulsive disorder. Add in a keen ear for finding a voice, vision and brand in between the clutter. Mix with a shaker of rum and you’ve got the mad science recipe for Fife. In between his fascination with the internet, finding new music and the written word, he builds our client base through wit and charm. (At least, that’s what we tell him. It’s honestly just perseverance and initiative.)

Matt Quirk

Lead Designer & Developer

Crafting the perfect user experience is hard work, but making sure that experience leads to customers & clients who keep coming back is even more difficult. Building on his early passions of designing user interfaces & helping others, Matt brings a very unique skillset to Fife Star Media. Breathing life into your ideas through purpose and design, and maybe a few craft beers, he ensures a lasting relationship with you to best serve you, your business & most importantly your clients.

John Weber

Marketing Director | ServiceHoot, LLC

John Weber, the SEM and SEO Project Manager through our Power Partner ServiceHoot, LLC, provides the technical and strategic focus which websites require to achieve search engine rankings and traffic. By working closely with our team, John is able to put our content efforts to work in Google and other search engines establishing your business as an authority in your industry. John has worked with local small businesses, national brands and products generating user traffic to client websites to drive conversions. John’s SEM and SEO campaigns are always founded upon the need to be effective first. His support and dedication to the client helps ensure progress is sufficiently communicated for a better project experience for everyone.

Heather Davis

Social Media/Content Marketer

Social Media isn’t just a hobby for the special events and programs supervisor turned digital marketing manager with a pinterest addiction, it’s her passion. A glimpse at her photo blogs and instagram account of her adorable one year old little man and a shih tzu with a big personality, will show you how everyday’s an adventure in Heather’s world. She brings creativity, out of the box ideas, as well as unique perspective and experience to every client and project, usually with DIY instructions written on the latest chalkboard painted weekend project.