Be A Fife Star

Want your music considered for sale to film, TV, and brands? Send us your tracks by submitting and completing our submission agreement. What does that mean? You will enter into an agreement where-in we have permission to sell your music on to our contacts, colleagues, those people we know and the one's we're about to meet. By entering this agreement, we protect us and you through a mutual agreement. You know what you’re submitting and understand that we are simply willing to listen to your music and cannot guarantee we will add you to our collection nor can we guarantee your music will be sold. You can read it yourself.
But fun fact, submitting your music for listening doesn’t cost you anything. It just means we’re safe to check out your art.
All and all, we can't always find the next great song/artist, but we are looking and would love to find out who you are and what you do.