How can Fife Star Media solve my needs?

There are more movies being created today than in any time in history. Between documentaries on Netflix to shorts for the film awards circuits. Anyone with an iPhone can now make a movie. But where technology has advanced in camera and production value, music is still a sonic art form that requires a little extra care.

Soundtracks and scores can be the determining factor between a scene reading like a epic battle or an awkward moment. There is simple no reason to not find the perfect song for the perfect moment. We are in a time where anyone can find content but the perfect pairing of music and film is just as much an art.

How it works?

We’ve cultivated the musicians who can write the perfect high note because they are great songwriters. We work with them to hand the licensing of their works to great movies like yours. We make sure the paperwork is order. You let us know what you need.