The Philosophy of Fife

We could expand on the essence of music and film but let’s be honest, if history has proven anything it’s that we’re just selling art. The passion of the art is what drives the dollar. With such a massive outpouring of content being produced across an ever-growing number of platforms, we are at potentially visionary time in history. By curating the best songs and artists who remind us why we originally found music and connecting them with producers of all budgets, we can create a new economy of art that allows all those involved to make the money they deserve.

Netflix has a planned budget of $8 billion,  300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute, Hulu is spending $2.5 billion, and this is just the tip of iceberg. There is no reason that small label artist, up-and-coming bands, hermits who make awesome music, and indie artists can’t connect with great filmmakers, producers and music supervisors to organize a perfect product. No longer buy a track that you feel just fits when you can find the perfect marriage for film and sound.

There are bands that want to simply create with great freedom and make money while they do it. Art should be an amazing and well-organized business. Even if you are a small time filmmaker, you can find your John Williams. Hey, Supervisors! Is your budget being slashed on your TV show? Explore smaller label artists for that gem your director will absolutely love but don’t blow the whole budget. We’re not selling cut-rate music, we’re building the careers of the artists we appreciate in a mutually beneficially art form. Your art needs a soundtrack. Artists need better and more frequently financially beneficial ways to make money. It can’t be said more accurately, a $0.99 song at a time barely pays for the coffee purchased to make it.

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